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Graphics [Oct. 3rd, 2005|12:47 pm]
Anti Spears

I know it's not very original to call Britney white trash, but I stand by the classics:hereCollapse )
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Scary [Nov. 15th, 2004|09:47 am]
Anti Spears

Scares you to death.
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be happy about something [Oct. 10th, 2004|04:35 pm]
Anti Spears

Join a new community at beproud


(if you want me to delete this from your community, just let me know. But join first!)
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(no subject) [Oct. 5th, 2004|05:39 pm]
Anti Spears

Name: Emily
Age: 22
Where are you from: Illinois
Why do you not like Britney (please try and state 5 reasons why): she is always on every magazine/tv show and therefore unavoidable; I get cnn breaking news alerts when she gets married but not when something gets bombed; people actually listen to her opinions like “we should support the president no matter what”; aside from her ‘summer camp’ she contributes none of her wealth to charities; she lip syncs; the girls in my dorm listen to her 12 hours a day [which isn’t her fault but makes me want to go on a killing spree some days]; if you mute her videos they’re basically porn; and little girls try to dress like her
What do you think of little kids trying to dress like Britney: I think it sucks b/c it’s actually gotten to a point where those are the Only little girls’ clothes you can find in ‘popular’ stores-hell I have that problem and I’m in college-try finding jeans that don’t drop down your butt. I think a lot of the little girls are dressing like that b/c they see high school and college age girls dressing like that-which is of itself disturbing b/c in Illinois you freeze your ass off 6 months of the year anyway.
Were you ever a fan of britney, why did you change your mind: god no, I listened to train and counting crows and went to lilith faire in high school-I still listen to that music
I would rather listen to xtina, who I’m not a fan of, b/c at least she’s a decent human being who doesn’t shove her personal life on everyone and gives money to charity.
What is your opinion on her new album: please for the love of all that is holy can I go into a bar or club and not hear ‘toxic’?
What's your opinion on her and madonna's new-found friendship: whatever, I think Madonna is a shill too she just has some ½ way decent music every few years
What is your opinion on that marriage stunt she recently did: which one? I just wish I could turn on the News and not hear about it
Anything else you wish to say : I’m so fed up w/seeing and hearing her everywhere I’ve just gotten to the point of flat out loathing her.
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(no subject) [Oct. 5th, 2004|11:21 am]
Anti Spears

I can't stand Britney Spears-her music, the insane amount of money she has that she contributes to no real charity [her summer camp does Not count], and her endless whining. She annoys me b/c she's on tv all the freaking tme and on every freaking magazine...and she lipsyncs! How can someone who Can't Sing be so popular?
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